Our Story

Diamonds Are Evil was born on a hot summer day in Texas, when the co-founders were just looking for an excuse to stay inside in the AC and needed an interesting way to pass the time. Already really into lasers (Michael ran the lasers at the School of Architecture, and Meredith used them regularly for class projects), they began designing and experimenting until they found an aesthetic and technique that set them apart in their niche. What started as a fun, relaxing side project for the couple quickly grew into an online business while they were still in college.

Once out of school, they dutifully headed into their chosen careers – Meredith, an Architect; Michael – an Engineer. Pursuing new materials, techniques and designs became a passionate evening and weekend pursuit and the two never really lost sight of the joy they felt when creating something together. Many late nights and long weekends later, they were both able to ‘escape their professions’ (as Meredith likes to phrase it) to fully develop Diamonds Are Evil.

Why Diamonds Are Evil?

The name is linked to the couple’s opinion of the diamond industry and its lack of ethics. When they began designing, they were just looking for a creative outlet. The real mission started as they were brainstorming a business name. As they looked at the jewelry market, they saw a lack of knowledge about gemstones and diamonds. Meredith and Michael wanted to create a brand identity that, at the very least, started a conversation.

One diamond looks just like any other diamond. We don’t want to look the same as everyone else and we don’t want you to either

About Our Jewelry

Our jewelry is made with sustainably harvested birch plywood or maple hardwood. These woods are engineered to be strong and lightweight. We use inlays of natural brass and ethically sourced leather in our latest collection. Each piece is designed and made by the Diamonds Are Evil team down in our Flagstaff, Az studio. Please stop by for a visit next time you are in the area!

Our latest collection, The Ra Collection is inspired by Egyptian architecture and its decorative motifs. The collection is made of our signature layered birch wood, with inlayed brass and black leather elements. The golden tones of the brass shine beautifully in contrast to the wood, and the black leather adds another dimensional element to the layered pieces.

The Team


About Meredith [Co-Founder + Designer]

Artist. Architect. Designer. Craftswoman. Cyclist. Meredith grew up in Tyler, TX before venturing out to go to first Baylor University for a B.A. in Studio Art, then on to Texas A&M for a Master of Architecture degree. She enjoys designing, painting, cooking, mountain biking, road cycling, music, pretending to still play the piano, traveling and eating nasty food because it’s healthy.



About Michael [Co-Founder + Designer]

Engineer. Designer. Cyclist. Beatmaker. Craftsman. Michael grew up in Natchitoches, LA and attended Texas A&M for a B.S. in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. Michael enjoys designing, eating, mountain biking, BMX, making music (mostly noise), and building things (but never finishing them).


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