How to choose a diamond ring that will suit you

A diamond ring is a piece of jewelry that adds value to your appearance. Diamond rings have many types, shapes and colors. In this article we will focus on types of rings and types of events that will help you to understand how to choose a diamond ring that suits you.


Tell me about your rings and I will tell you who you are

Diamond rings, like clothing, makeup and hair, adorn you and add to your style. Admittedly, each of us is different, loves different colors, different shapes – and accordingly, the answer to the question of how to choose a diamond ring that suits you will change from one to another. However, there are certainly a number of guidelines to follow that will help you in choosing a diamond ring that suits you.


How to choose a diamond ring to suit you

Of course, the jewelry subject automatically connects to the clothing. Classic delicate evening dresses, for example, can pair with a variety of rings, which the delicate attire will compliment and accentuate. The “Bar” ring, for example, a white gold ring studded with three 0.50 carat diamonds in our collection, can combine great with a classic black and evening dress and stand out alongside it. So does the “Lisa” ring, a yellow gold ring with a center diamond and around are other small diamonds – at a total weight of 1.30 carats, can be stunning with a delicate evening dress.


Size does matter

We are a variety of women and therefor our body proportions are different. Women with slightly larger fingers will usually prefer relatively wide diamond rings, in order to maintain more correct proportions between the finger and the ring, and neither will dominate the other. Our “Lauren” ring, for example, can be a great choice for these women. Women with a narrower finger, on the other hand, are advised to choose a ring that will not “swallow” the finger, a ring like “Carol”, stunning and thin, will suit.


“Doctor, waiting for you in room 10”

How to choose a diamond ring that suits you? One of the things to look at is what you do in your daily life. If you put on hand gloves in work, for example in professions like doctors and nurses, choose a low-cut diamond ring, so you won’t have to remove the ring every time you go to work. A ring that can meet this need is our “Aline” ring, for example, a 14K gold ring studded with 13 0.35 carat diamonds. This ring does not have a central diamond, it allows the wearing of gloves without fear of being torn from a prominent central diamond.


50 shades of skin

Skin color also has a big impact on how to choose a diamond ring to suit you. Light-skinned women will usually prefer white-gold diamond rings, while dark-skinned women will prefer yellow-gold diamond rings. In summary, the question of how to choose a diamond ring that fits you has no single answer, it depends on multitude of variables. You are invited to come to our store for a consultation meeting, or to tour our website by yourself and choose a laboratory diamond ring that will suit you. Have fun and enjoy!


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