Where to buy laboratory diamonds?

If you came here – a sign that you are also wondering where to buy lab diamonds whose quality is guaranteed. Following the technological breakthrough that now enables the production of diamonds derived from laboratory conditions equal to their chemical and physical properties to the natural diamonds, quite a few “dummy labs” have been created that provide imitations without responsibility or oversight of the production process and try to sell you unreal and worthless stones. So, who better to buy and who should watch out for?

Whether you want to purchase an engagement ring, mesmerizing earrings or a unique diamond necklace, you will probably prefer to purchase laboratory diamonds, which are made under the same conditions and technique from nature and their price is significantly reduced. This allows the engaged public to enjoy real diamond coins at the cost of several thousand shekels for the most prestigious rings and all adorned with new and inlaid tennis bracelets will enjoy an attractive price of 10,000 NIS. This compares with real diamonds sold for tens of thousands of shekels for the cheapest jewelry and can also reach the value of a new family car.


The Tel Aviv Diamond Exchange

Since laboratory diamonds are manufactured using a world-wide method and are subject to particularly stringent standards and standards, it is advisable to purchase them exclusively from the Diamond Exchange located in Ramat Gan.

The Laboratory, which sits on the stock exchange, performs a diamond production process using the exclusive production method accepted in Israel and worldwide, while conducting rigorous test series for each diamond produced under its hands.


In fact, only the diamond exchange can determine the value of the diamond in terms of its carat, color and cleanliness level. Once these conditions are set for each of the diamonds, the diamonds proceed to the cutting, designing and inlaying of different jewelry, applied responsibly and professionally while only qualified gemologists perform it without harming the physical. Through the exchange you can find “fine cut” (perfect cutting) diamonds in top quality, so that the diamonds themselves, even if they came from the laboratory, are perfectly luxurious, sparkling and prosperous.

Careful, crooks

When the purchase is made through such and other diamond dealers, who guarantee you an original diamond without giving any validity and warranty, you run the risk of a product that is prone to defects and sometimes even the purchase of an item or piece of jewelry that does not include real diamonds. This is usually revealed when the diamonds fall, become damaged, break or crack, as their brilliance fades and the entire piece of jewelry seems to lose its special charm and energy. Since these diamonds did not come from the supervised and professional lab conditions, their prices would be even lower than those offered on the exchange. Any consumer who has been interested in consuming such diamonds may soon find out that he has paid his better for an original diamond or for a very negligent production.

Green Diamonds – Ecological Lab Diamond Jewelry is fully responsible

There are currently many companies engaged in the production and marketing of laboratory diamonds, but many do not provide any warranty or gemological certificate for any item on their behalf, which should raise the suspicion of the originality of your diamond. The Green Diamonds brand was established with the aim of providing high quality diamond jewelry from the consumer lab at a reasonable price, so that everyone can enjoy it and ensure the quality and value of each diamond.

The company operates on the ecological approach so that the production process is eco-friendly and does not in any way involve the exploitation of natural resources or illegal entities currently engaged in the sale of “blood diamonds” from the trade and slavery areas in Africa.

At Green Diamonds, located in the Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange complex, you will find top-of-the-line lab diamonds in exclusive production and the highest diamond quality:

A large and varied collection of diamond rings, mesmerizing tennis bracelets in a delicate and beautiful diamond inlay, diamond earrings that add a prestigious and attractive look to the interior and diamond necklaces that give interest and impression to all who wear them. Each of the jewelry has full responsibility and a gemological certificate for its diamonds, so you can be assured of the product you receive.

So, they don’t work on you – that’s how a lab diamond production process is done

Since the lab’s diamond field is relatively new in Israel and consciousness is still low, it is important to know a few facts and details about the production process to make it easier for you to confront the seller in front of them and to make sure you purchase a diamond that produces the right technique and for certified diamond and gemologists:

Laboratory diamonds are created as a result of high pressure and temperature, using the CVD method considered the preferred procedure. The method involves settling methane and hydrogen in the diamond crystal lattice and applying a suitable temperature of about 1200 ° C, which will gradually rise.

The carbon atoms produced in the process will attach to the diamond granule atom for close to a month, effectively replicating the crystal structure of the diamond itself. With a computer alert, the technicians knew it was time to get the diamond ready from the roller and it would be sent to the certified gemologist for the quality of the material received and the cutting work done. The gemologist cuts the diamond to complete it and then the stones are inlaid into the various jewels.


Laboratory Diamonds

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