10 famous diamonds

Famous diamonds are the admiration and appreciation of many people all over the world. Diamonds are considered, half seriously and half-jokingly, as the woman’s best friends and one thing is undeniable – famous diamonds are a status symbol, they transmit luxury, wealth, a lot of money and of course they have addictive and intoxicating beauty. Many films and stories have been written and produced as the stars star in them and have a great deal of daily public discourse. Over time, with the advancement of science and industry in recent decades, laboratory diamonds have been produced without the need (or necessity) to cut them from the depth of the earth. Laboratory production is cheaper (and therefore significantly lowers the price of ready-made diamonds), much more moral, and there is much hope that wars and killings between humans will come to an end now that quality and beautiful artificial diamonds can be produced in scientific and controlled laboratory conditions. Today there are quite a few famous diamonds around the world that many people know, whether they are owned by famous people, took part in an interesting story or participated in a film we all know. 


Overview of 10 world famous diamonds:


  1. Century Diamond – The diamond that is considered the cleanest diamond ever created

The diamond was carved from a mine in South Africa in 1986 and invested no less than three years in its cutting and polishing. The work invested in this diamond is considered to be a real work of thought and therefore the degree of diamond cleaning and its transparency is considered very high. Many diamonds are compared to this diamond and it is a right marker in the professional diamond world. The heart-shaped diamond is considered to be perfect and rumor has it that its owner and who owns it is an Israeli businessman. However, there are no official credentials for this rumor and do not really know exactly where or who the diamond is.


  1. Florentine diamond – from India or Italy?

It is a good old diamond that was mined somewhere in 1400. There are several legends around the production and course of the diamond’s life and these tell of it being owned by an Indian monk or as it is near Florence, Italy. It is also said that the diamond was part of the property of the European Medici family and when the dynasty ended, the diamond passed into the hands of the Austro-Hungarian emperors and a wish ceased to govern and the Austro-Hungarian Empire fell, they fled with valuables and it is unclear whether the diamond remained in their possession or disappeared somewhere. The Louvre Museum in Paris has an exhibit which is very similar to this diamond and tells its story.


  1. Golden Jubilee – the world’s largest diamond!

A magnificent diamond whose beauty is considered to be the largest in the world and even considered quite recent in light of its year of production – 1986. As part of the 50th birthday celebration of the king of Thailand the diamond was given to him as a present by a Thailand business man who purchased it near it’s produced. Today the diamond is displayed in one of the museums in Thailand and sources tell that at the entrance to the museum a very long queue (sometimes passing the kilometer) is needed to predict a diamond.

  1. Borton Taylor – A diamond in the Hollywood spirit

A beautiful diamond carved into a mine in South Africa. He went through several husbands and a few hands and was eventually purchased by actor Richard Borton as a gift to his beautiful partner herself, the well-known actress Elizabeth Taylor. After Borton’s death, Taylor decided to sell the diamond and the proceeds she made to various charities.


  1. The first famous pink diamond – that of Jennifer Lopez

Until 2002, the pink diamonds were not common or sought after. Thanks to this diamond ring used as an engagement ring by actor Ben Affleck for his fiancée, actress and singer Jennifer Lopez – an unprecedented international interest in pink diamonds has begun. The Affleck ring, worth over $ 1 million, was adorned with a delicate pink diamond and was restored to Affleck upon the couple’s parting. Because public and cultural influencers such as Jennifer Lopez boasted in the ring (as long as she owned it) many women became very interested in the pink diamonds and gave themselves jewelry that was inlaid with these diamonds.


  1. Diamond Hope

There is no connection between the diamond name and hope. The diamond’s name was given to him as a tribute to the one who found it – the stone discoverer Henry Hope, who was subject to King Louis XVI. The king did not like the diamond shape and he ordered it to be polished again, or it was displayed and stored as part of the kingdom’s treasures. At the time of the French Revolution, the diamond was stolen, along with many other objects, arrived in England and there it was rolled back into the hands of that Henry Hope. The diamond went through several other owners and exchanges, including Pierre Cartier’s and is currently on display at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC.


  1. Zionist diamond with Star of David marks

Nature does things on its own and sometimes humans are amazed at the wonder that is created alone. This is exactly the story of the diamond, which is considered to be the first and only Zionist diamond of its kind, in which the visible light reflected creates a Star of David inside the diamond. After many formal and professional examinations, the diamond was found to be natural and real and it was not a gimmick or a result of human action as part of the diamond development process. The diamond is owned by an Israeli businessman who presents it at the Ramat Gan Museum of Diamonds.


  1. The diamond embedded in Princess Diana’s engagement ring

Although the original owner died, the ring remained in use and in public discourse. Today, the Duke of Sapphire Diamond Ring from Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is wearing the legacy of her late mother-in-law. The ring was chosen by Diana during her engagement to Prince Charles from a selection of rings presented by the Royal Diamond Company in England. The diamond is a deep blue oval sapphire inlaid around it, at the request of the princess destined for 14 small, translucent white diamonds.


  1. The Orlov Diamond

No one deals with the diamond industry and does not know this diamond. It is a small, bluish-and-white diamond that forms part of the Russian royal jewelry and diamond collection. Today there are several versions regarding the way of life of the diamond but one thing is certain – its origin in the largest mines in India and this fact could be determined on the basis of its properties and properties as raw material. In 1784, after some controversy and quarrels among the Russian royalty, the diamond was emblazoned with the royal wand – where it is inlaid to this day.


  1. The Great Planet of Africa

It is the largest raw diamond ever mined. Because of its size, it was cut and cut from no less than 9 spectacular stones, which are also considered to be great in relative terms to the world of famous diamonds. Of these, the largest stone to date holds the honorable title – the largest polished diamond in the world. The diamond originates from the mine in South Africa and is named after the mine owners. For the diamond, a precise copy was prepared so that it could be mailed to England for polishing and work. The copy was loaded onto a freighter and heavily secured to keep it on the long voyage from South Africa to England. King Edward ordered the great and special diamond to be embroidered by Her Majesty, where it is still inlaid to this day and forms part of a separate home from the Royal Jewelry Collection.


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