About Us

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Green Diamonds –Luxury Jewelry Brand Established in 2019 with the goal of producing and marketing ecological laboratory diamonds for brand clients in Israel and the US.

Who are we ?

גל - פרופיל

Gal – A certified diamond dealer and certified gemologist who, in addition to his role in the company, also serves as a member of the board of the Israeli Jewelers Association.

אהוד - פרופיל

Ehud  – Has about 20 years experience in diamond production. Ehud concentrates the entire polishing and marketing field of the laboratory diamonds that we produce at the company’s diamond exchange plant in Ramat Gan.

עשהאל - פרופיל

Asael – A digital expert who has been selected as one of the most talented marketing professionals in Israel for 2018 and whose role is to connect the company’s brand identity through online and social networks and establish direct contact with customers.

Our vision

Today, with the help of revolutionary technology, diamonds can be manufactured in laboratory conditions that are completely identical in appearance and chemical properties to their natural diamond, due to technological developments that have occurred in recent times.


The price of production has become commercial and in fact anyone can flaunt gold and diamond jewelery and pay about 80% lower prices than the old price.

Green Diamonds Service Charter

As part of maintaining the high standards, we are committed to the highest level of service and therefore we offer an option to purchase online with free shipping and if for some reason you would like to return the jewelry then it can be done within 14 days in return for a full refund (no credit).

All our jewelery is manufactured in Israel (on the diamond exchange) and is accompanied by full gemological and warranty certificates.