Buying gold and jewelry – The complete guide

The field of buying gold and jewelry is a fascinating field that requires knowledge and experience. There is a lot to know and how to understand the professional terms, so as to educate and know exactly what is better to buy and which deal is considered worthwhile.

Both gold and jewelry made of precious metals have different ratings, criteria according to which they are tested and official certificates that contain important information about the jewelry in question. The first advice, then, must be this – buy only from a qualified and experienced professional who knows these worlds and will give the better, most reliable and up-to-date information. Beyond that – there are a number of things to think about and take into account and rely on to make the right choice of jewelry you want to buy. It is very important to know that there are different professional terms and criteria between those of diamonds and those of gold or other metals. The word carat as in diamonds, for example, is used in both the gold and diamond-related professional language, but in each of its fields it has different meanings and therefore it is very important to understand. On the other hand – there is no doubt that an experienced and skilled professional who has been in the field for many years, will know exactly how to explain to each customer the difference between the various jewelry, the differences between the shades of metal and how to decide optimal and choose the diamond embedded in each piece of jewelry. It is always worthwhile, even when entering the point of sale for the first time to be impressed with the variety and selection, to understand the terms related to the same content world in a minimal and basic way, making the choice much easier and understandable. 


Where to buy gold and jewelry?


The answer to this question is very simple and easy – with only authorized sellers. It is important to make sure that this is a selling point recognized by the Diamond and Jewelry Exchange, which is the official organization of the State of Israel that authorizes professionals to engage in this field. Anyone who is unqualified and does not showcase his or her business license – may not do so legally and is not recommended to apply. Trading in precious metals like gold as well as diamonds is a daily trade and the units of sale are generally known to traders, so even if they move from store to store or from one point of sale to another – the order of magnitude of prices is very likely to be similar. In cases where there is a large deviation in the prices of the jewelry, you may want to look this in depth – these may be custom-designed jewelry or have other raw material criteria.

When buying jewelry with diamonds, for example, it is very important to make sure that the diamond’s gemological certificate is obtained from the seller. The certificate describes the properties and characteristics of the diamond, the degree of cleanliness and polishing of the diamond, how it is cut and basically everything that defines it and helps determine its value and price. Any serious salesperson who deals in the field with law and order will know how to give this certificate and guide the customer what to do with it, where and how to store it and of course what its role is and in what cases it should be presented (and to whom). Recommended points of sale are those that receive a jewelry warranty, regardless of the raw materials they are made of, are given guidance on how to maintain the jewelry as much as possible and of course how better to store them. The well-maintained jewelry that keeps them well – they are the ones that look beautiful, spectacular and shiny even after a long time they’ve been bought.


Laboratory jewelry – New on the shelf and worth to know!


The jewelry and diamond sector are considered expensive and prestigious, mainly due to the high prices of the products. Even a piece of gold that is considered to be of a low degree of cleanliness will be expensive, and not everyone can afford to buy jewelry today, whether they are inlaid with diamonds or not. Today it is possible to take part in what is no less than a revolution – the purchase of jewelry and diamonds manufactured in the laboratory and not in the mines or quarries scattered throughout the earth.

Laboratory diamonds are the next big thing. How is it performed? In professional and scientific laboratories, the natural production of diamonds has been investigated in depth, and effective and advanced methods for parallel production under laboratory conditions have been found. This way we save a lot of money that needs to be spent on conveying, quarrying quarries, hiring workers and most importantly – the necessity for killing and bloodshed, as is often the case in mining areas in many African countries. The value of a tiny diamond will be far higher than the lives of people and those in positions of power will not hesitate to kill and shed blood just to get the diamond.

When you make your jewelry and diamonds in the lab – all of that doesn’t happen. The way of production is humane, there is no exploitation or bloodshed, no destruction of natural resources that is declining anyway – all the way of production is positive, optimistic and has a big line for the entire industry. Although someone who is a professional in the diamond industry is hard to get the diamonds and metals that are manufactured in the laboratory but you cannot escape the truth, and the truth is that the diamonds and metals produced in the laboratory are high quality and receive high scores on all the criteria according to which the natural diamonds are tested.

Hence there are no disadvantages and it is better to choose them. Because the way of production is much cheaper and friendly – even the price of the finished jewelry such as diamond earrings will be significantly cheaper – making the jewelry or diamond accessible and also available to those whose budget is much lower and so far, could not buy the same diamond for himself.

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So how do you choose and why pay attention?



Now that you know that there is a cheaper and more accessible option – you can switch to the other important parameters when choosing a jewelry with or without a diamond. Either way – what matters is the appearance. The jewelry should be liked by those who buy it or whoever it is who is going to wear it. Personal taste plays a very important role here and it is not advisable to make the choice casually.

One has to think about the combination of the jewelry with that person’s character, the clothing systems he usually chooses and of course with his personal taste. It is highly recommended to take the time, examine the selection and not decide rashly. Another important thing to note is not to be fixed in thought, even if you seem to know exactly what you want.

Once you get to the store you can be confused by the huge selection and see things that you don’t know that always exist. So, keeping an open mind and a willingness to choose in the direction you did not think from the beginning – is very good advice. Choosing a jewelry with or without a diamond is a choice that should take time for it. Not being stressed on time, not feeling cornered and not allowing irrelevant advice to take part in the decision. Jewelry and diamond sellers also know that a diamond’s choice is not made in a matter of minutes and should allow the customer the personal space he needs for his thoughts. This way, he will gradually formulate his opinion and at the end of the process, select the piece of jewelry he wants and better suits his requirements and needs.


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