Benefits of lab created diamonds

Being in the jewelry business for years, for as long as we have and yet we still have the vibe and drive to give our customers quality and adequate resources needed to choose the best while giving them the steering as we guide them on the road especially if it is an uncharted diamond territory for them in the jewelry course.


Ok, what have we been trying to say in simple English? What we are saying is we will continue to give you the best advice when it comes to picking the jewelry of your choice, most especially when you know little or nothing about which is best.


One of the ways we can properly help you choose the best is seeing the major difference between natural and lab-created diamonds; peradventure you have decided to go for the lab-created diamonds and people see you off the street flashing your diamonds, and they are all congratulating you, and one of them properly asks what kind of diamond it is you are wearing.


Let’s say you tell the person it is a lab-created diamond and the person wants to make you feel so terrible for wearing a lab-created diamond saying you are a broke dude, you need to read this so you could lecture the person on what are the benefits of purchasing a lab-created diamond.


Trustable diamond

Regardless of whether it’s for a wedding band, an extraordinary wedding ring, or some other sort of adornments, it is our belief the lab-made diamonds gives you a choice, a great choice at that – the chance to pick a diamond that you can trust to be of high caliber, reasonable, moral and modest.


You’ve likely gotten contrasting thoughts on the quality and worth of lab-made diamonds. However, in all honesty with regards to lab-made diamonds and mined diamonds, no one in itself is better than the other. It all boils down to the buyer really and that which the buyer can afford. The two of them produce wonderful, excellent gemstones, each with a charming history that properly speak to the best inclination on the planet – love.


Why lab diamonds?

We understand that diamonds are a huge investment, and you need and merit all the data you need for you to have to make an educated buy.


As has been said, for the sake of YOU! – our clients, this post has been put together to make you know the benefits of lab-grown diamonds and in achieving that through this post, we shall cover how lab-grown diamonds contrasts with mined jewels as far as quality, how they are made, and how their source makes them different in conditions of how much it costs which is its monetary value, the ethics surrounding it and its effect on the environmental scale or ecological system.


Ok, don’t fret, there is no big deal to it. In this post, you would be treated as to why you are not out of place to get a lab-grown diamond when your friends are all using natural diamonds.


Here we go:


Benefit Number #1

The first and most basic benefits of the lab-created diamonds are that it is more affordable. The cost of a lab-made diamonds as much as they have the same physical, optical and chemical structure of the mined diamonds are not the same price as the mined precious stones.


In any case, this doesn’t imply that a lab-made precious stone is “modest.” actually, the capital expenses for lab-grown and mined diamonds are entirely comparable.


Anyway, for what reason are lab-made diamonds more affordable? Mined diamonds and lab-made diamonds have precisely the same costs with regards to cutting, cleaning, and examination. Nonetheless, up to that point, the expenses and procedures are altogether different.


Mined diamonds have a long supply chain. To get a diamond from its crude structure to a retail-prepared gemstone requires diggers, wholesalers, cutters, polishers, gems producers, and retailers.  On the other side, the lab-made diamonds have a lot of shorter supply chains by avoiding the mining procedure. To lay it out plainly, a lab-made diamond passes through fewer hands, making it eventually more affordable.


Benefit Number #2

Another benefit the lab-created diamonds have over the natural diamonds is concerning ethics, yes! The lab-grown diamond assures the user of more ethical value than the natural diamond. Some years back, the mined diamond industry was under investigation as several unscrupulous manufacturing practices were uncovered.


These diamonds, at times referred to as blood or strife diamonds, were used to fund brutality and taking advantage of miners and their families. On account of the Kimberley Process, set up in 2003, these exploitative practices have been altogether diminished. Truth be told, it’s projected that 99.9% of regular diamonds are currently struggled free.


Be that as it may, if dodging strife or blood diamonds holds much value to you, lab-made jewels will make you more rest assured than a natural diamond would, and you may get consolation in knowing the specific source of your diamond.


The environmental friendliness or ecological reception as I few times love to call it is also something that stands it out. As with the mining of any raw material or mineral deposit, diamond mining significantly affects the earth. Fairly enough, diamond mining organizations are completely mindful of that effect and have found a way to attempt to limit the impact the mining of diamonds have on the environments around them.


Benefit Number #3

In comes the lab-created diamonds, the lab-grown diamonds are innately and fundamentally less adverse to nature as it takes impressively less stress and strength to create a diamond in a lab than it does to properly uncover it from underneath the ground.


Truth be told, it is really in light of a legitimate concern for the makers of diamonds to limit the measure of strength they use in the process to save cost and reduce their expenses.


In conclusion

Well, you might be thinking, all is just a fad and a ploy to make broke guys happy because the disadvantages you might have read seem more grievous and disheartening than the benefits listed here look.


But asides all this writing, it is for the client to find fulfillment in whatever jewelry the client buys. You could buy a natural diamond today, and when you see a person elegantly wearing his lab-grown diamond, you will still feel as though you haven’t spent your money wisely.


As said earlier, there is no better of the two from some points of view, and there is also no prize that will be given to whoever has the most natural or artificial diamond. The lab-grown diamond is not fake; it is 100% real. It has its disadvantages but has its advantages.


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