Are lab grown diamonds flawless

Lab-grown diamonds sounds too good to be true; surely there must be a level of imperfection to this thing that we are not being informed about. Well, anytime you are asked the multibillion-dollar question about if lab-created diamonds are flawless, the first thing to clarify is that nothing in itself is without flaws meaning that lab-grown diamonds are not without its flaws. The big


question is, how many flaws does a lab-grown diamond has? A pessimist will look at lab-grown diamonds and tell you the artificial can never be better than the original and sure it can’t. Although, one of the problems or issues with lab-grown diamonds over the years has been the fact that its value keeps dropping, which also affects its resale value, ensuring it doesn’t have much resale value, unlike the natural diamond where you can get a resale value up to 50 percent.


Another problem with buying lab-created diamonds still bothers around its resale value, which makes the demand for it quite low compared to natural diamonds. Let’s check the flipside of this pessimistic view, shall we? The first thing is, are lab-grown diamonds real? Yes, they are.


Are they almost like natural diamonds? Very well, yes! They have so much resemblance in every aspect you will hardly differentiate them. About the resale value, am I planning to sell off my engagement ring? Why should I? by the look of it, just as you would see on this website, you will hardly differentiate the natural from lab-grown.


If you don’t have enough to purchase a natural diamond, the lab-grown ones are a perfect alternative to go. You do not have to smoothly break the bank because you were told it has no resale value, and you can as well go for the natural one if you have enough money to get it.


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Lab-grown diamonds are products of fragment seeds of carbon from pre-existing diamonds. Some diamonds grown in the lab through deposition may also go through intense subjection to pressure and heat once they are grown.   Posh colored diamonds are made in the lab when little