Blood diamonds

Many words have been written about the predicament of the African continent and the underutilization of the natural resources it offers. Bloody diamonds are just one part of it. The entire continent is brimming with quarries and resources that allow for very high-quality diamond mining but unfortunately there is no order and regimes arranged throughout the Black Continent, making the pursuit of the diamond bloody and the pursuit of the perfect diamond come in most cases at the expense of human life.


Slavery, death, and wars are part of every diamond that develops in the depths of the earth and the Western world, often no choice left, but to turn a blind eye to the beauty, caution, and perfect transparency of a diamond that evolves under the optimal conditions it needs. Now it seems that the era of diamond wars may be coming to an end thanks to artificial diamond production methods, namely laboratory diamonds manufactured under controlled and industrial conditions, of very high quality and without bloodshed.


Diamonds and wars

The development, mining, production and sale of diamonds accompanied with wars and deaths over the centuries. This is not a new member and anyone who is a professional in the diamond world knows about it. Because most of these happen on the land of the Black Continent, it is easy for the Western world to ignore and act as if these matters are not happening at all. Countless Hollywood films have been produced based on the theme of bloody diamonds and law enforcement agencies around the world are making efforts, at least for the most part, to show that they are trying their best to combat and eradicate these phenomena. In practice – this is almost impossible in the absence of law authorities arranged in most African continents. The vast wilderness areas with no ruler and no legal system allow for very large loopholes in human-to-war behavior, employing people in slavery and cheap conditions in human life – the short way.


piece of diamonds


What is the way of bloody diamonds?

Blood diamonds are accompanied hand in hand with harsh and violent acts from the very first stages of their production process. Power personnel employ inferior workers in slavery conditions and require them to work for many hours, in difficult terrain in search of the resources in which the diamonds may be found. These workers are not provided with decent living or working conditions and are suffering from heat stroke, dehydration, hunger and of course indescribable physical load. In many cases – employees find their deaths at work sites, but are replaced by others. The only purpose that comes before the eyes of those who employ them and threaten them with weapons – is to find the diamonds, which they can sell in the black market for huge sums of money. The work is carried out far from the eyes of the law, in remote areas that no one reaches and hence there is no way to enforce human and rational behavior among these people. A lot of death happens in these ways all over Africa and it can’t really be put to an end – apart from developing new diamond making methods, diamonds that will be at least as transparent, spectacular and high quality as their natural wives.


Rhinestone and the end they can bring to the bloody wars

On the African continent, millions of people suffer from hunger and difficult living conditions. Hunger, disease and disgraceful sanitary conditions dominate a large part of the country, making it easy for people with the power, money or weapons to control certain places without anyone even knowing it. The high price they will get for a small diamond that their slaves will find for them – is the goal for all their horrible deeds and they do not resort to the means to obtain the same diamond. Now is the time to think that there is a way to produce high quality, transparent and beautiful diamonds, not in the depths of the earth, thus ending the wars and deaths caused by the diamonds.


You can’t imagine a much better world, where diamonds have far less power – but still anyone who wants them can put their hand on them and get them at affordable and affordable prices without enslaving other people or cruelly doing so. No doubt a scientific and human breakthrough will be achieved by these developments.


Laboratory diamonds and the news they bring

Synthetic lab diamonds can bring a lot of energy to the world. Already today, when everyone in the field of laboratory-produced diamonds is clearly as good-looking, beautiful, and special as those in the depths of the earth – therefore any use can be made of natural and real diamonds.


A diamond mine


So many costs are saved along the way – mining professionals, mining areas (which are gradually shrinking over time), delivering goods and tools and very high wages to employees – can all be saved when diamonds are developed under controlled conditions in the lab, conditions that simulate the same conditions Where the diamond grows in the ground. Maintaining high temperature and pressure and continuous and continuous monitoring of development. The diamonds will be perfect and ready for sale in a much shorter period of time than in nature and of course their price will be much lower. That way, anyone interested in diamond can purchase for themselves and not have to abuse other people for that. In Africa, too, these methods of production can be adopted and thus, once and for all, to stop the bloody wars on diamonds.



Synthetic Diamonds – The first swallow has already spread wings!

This is not an atopic world or a dream that cannot be fulfilled. The issue of diamond production under laboratory conditions is already in the public and professional discourse in the diamond world and several steps have already been taken. The diamonds developed under the controlled laboratory conditions do not fall short of their quality compared to the natural diamonds and it is impossible to argue with the much lower price of the diamonds. It is very difficult, it is impossible to discern the essential differences between each other and hence the way for everyone to achieve diamonds – at a lower and equal price, and of course, to do so in humane, pleasant ways, such as do not exploit humans or cause violent behavior. Furthermore, the field is already very developed and there are several ways in which diamonds can be produced under laboratory conditions.


Although there is still a way to go and the research is still in its early stages – you can already see diamonds that can be bought at very good and affordable prices and, of course, also jewelry set with diamonds whose prices are not in the sky such as: diamond rings, diamond necklaces, tennis bracelets and diamond earrings. If in the past the professional diamond world denounced the lab’s diamonds and disqualified themselves – it is now very difficult to argue with the excellent results achieved in the laboratory and one has to admit that the whole world is starting a new path.


And what’s next?

As with any topic that starts well – so does research and experience to develop diamonds in other industrial ways, until it can be switched exclusively to artificial diamond production all over the world. Certainly, over time, production and development methods will also become cheaper and more convenient so that they can be offered and implemented anywhere in the world. Because the conditions in the laboratory are controlled and monitored – it is irrelevant to the location of the laboratory itself and to any extent in the world it is possible to produce diamonds according to production methods that are selected in each case. The bottom line – what really matters is the cessation of wars, killings, deaths and exploitation of innocent people who work in difficult conditions and many such people can be released.


All diamond dealers in the world, hand in hand with the rulers of the advanced countries, must take the necessary steps to stop bloody diamonds and to apply the knowledge and technologies for diamond production in the laboratory.


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