How much does a diamond ring cost

The dream of most women is a diamond ring, a ring that will radiate luxury and splendor and will sparkle from every angle. The only thing that separates them from the long-awaited ring is usually cost. In this article we will talk about how much a diamond ring costs and understand the differences between the types of rings.


Diamonds – what is it anyway?


Diamonds are the hardest stone in nature, a mineral made up of pure and clean carbon. In the past, the diamond production method was only natural, and in order to produce diamonds it took hundreds, thousands and millions of years of waiting. Diamond production was dependent on the soil, nature, and in fact there was no way to interfere with the process and expedite it.

Laboratory diamonds production method has become more common in recent years. This method of production is faster, cheaper, and produces high quality diamonds.



How much does a diamond ring cost


The price of diamond rings varies according to a variety of criteria. These criteria are set similar to the criteria by which natural diamonds are measured, criteria such as diamond color, diamond cleanliness, weight and more. Each diamond ring that you bought will be accompanied by a gemological certificate detailing all the criteria that describe your diamond ring.



Types of rings and prices


To answer the question – how much does a diamond ring cost, we will take a few examples of the diamond coins we offer and detail their criteria, of course we can also answer the question how much a diamond ring costs. That way you can get a general picture of the order of the prices, sizes, level of cleanliness and more.

On our website and in our store, you can choose from a wide range of rings, some with a central diamond, some with diamonds and some are combined. In short – let’s get started!


Yellow gold “Claire” diamond ring 0.60 carat D-VS2 – Wow, wait, what are all these numbers and letters? Okay, let’s make things right. The “Claire” diamond ring is the name of the ring. The ring is made of yellow gold and its center diamond weighs 0.60 carats. Let’s break down the D-VS2 expression for a moment. The letter D – means diamond color. What does that mean? The diamond colors are divided from D to Z. The letters D to F denote diamonds whose color is crystal clear, G-H white, I-K commercial white, K-N light yellow, O-Z yellow. The color D, which symbolizes the “Claire” diamond ring, is the color that considered better.


We will switch to VS2. The term VS2 signifies the level of diamond cleanliness. Also, ranks range from FL – the cleanest diamond, to I3 – the cleanest diamond. The term VS2 occupies an excellent spot in the middle, leaning towards the FL, which means relatively clean. The price of such a ring, for example, stands at a price of 3,499 NIS. A similar ring studded with a natural diamond, for example, costs about 10,000 NIS.


0.35 carat “Aline” diamond ring D / VS2 – “Aline” is another stunning ring you can find with us. The ring is made of 14K yellow gold, its color and level of cleanliness stand on the D-VS2, much like the “Claire” ring we presented earlier. This ring is set with 13 laboratory diamonds and has no central stone. The weight of all the diamonds on it is 0.35 carats, the price is 1,990 NIS. 


“Lauren” yellow gold diamond ring 1.21 carat D-VS2 – This ring is a yellow gold diamond studded with a central diamond. At its center you will find a 0.51 carat diamond, the inlaid diamonds that adorn it is all together stand at a weight of 0.70 carats. That is, the total ring contains 1.21 carats of diamonds, making it a most prestigious ring. Its price is 5,990 NIS.


How much does a diamond ring cost – there is also white gold!


On the website and in the store, you will also find white gold diamond rings, such as the gentle and beautiful “Shannon” white gold diamond ring 0.41 carat D/VS1. This ring costs 2,499 NIS.

Other white gold rings are the “Bar” ring, the “Lauren” ring, the “Lisa” ring and other amazing and prestigious rings.


In conclusion, the question of how much a diamond ring costs has a wide range of answers, depending on the ring and diamond characteristics of it. We invite you to come to the store and consult with our wonderful service team and choose the right diamond ring for you. Catch with you later!


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