What is a lab created diamond

Lab-created diamonds? Are they fake?

You would be forgiven for doubting the authenticity due to their names, but just like the common proverb, do not consider a book by its cover.


The lab-created diamonds are very real and original, albeit they are synthetic, and this their synthetic origin is what brought about the name lab-created diamonds. Hence, we can choose to call it a lab-created diamond or a synthetic diamond.


You could be given a natural diamond and a lab-created one, and you won’t know the difference between the two except you use some spectacular tools to diligently examine the two of them. If you relate so well with people who are vast and savvy when it comes to diamonds, they will tell you the lab-created or synthetic diamonds have the same properties with a naturally mined diamond both physically, optically and chemically.


The major difference lies basically in that the lab-created diamonds, just like the name implies, is created in the lab, unlike the natural diamonds that are created in the lab using groundbreaking and frontline technologies. The lab-created diamonds have been used over the years; it is not something that began today.


Lab-created diamonds began a few years less than a century ago

Its first foray into the scene was in the 1940s, and because of a few of their characteristics were seen basically as a piece of equipment for industrial purposes.


Few of these characteristics it had which made it fit for industrial purposes than were its thermal conductive ability, its optical features, the hardness and its ability to highly resist electricity; these features made its manufacturers deem it fit for industrial usage rather than domestic or day-to-day usage. This invention in 1940 wasn’t seen as much of a grand achievement until there was an advancement in its creation in the years 1954 and 1955.


These years were credited as the year when the first synthetic diamond was created. It was said to have been created in December 1954 and announced to the world in January 1955 by the General Electric popularly known as GE.


the late 1980s was another groundbreaking period for lab-created diamonds as its production went commercial from purely industrial purposes. The lab-created diamonds have been on sale since then.


Why have lab-created diamonds when we have the natural ones?

It was previously manufactured purely for industrial purposes, why did they make it commercial? Surely, there must be some controversy surrounding the artificial creation of this natural resource.


If what I just quoted is your thought, then you are wrong. There is no controversy around the lab-created diamonds, the commercialization of the lab-created diamonds was necessary as a result of meeting the consistent demand for diamonds.


The high demand for diamonds meant companies or industries who were mining diamonds and vendors who were selling began to hoard diamonds to be able to sell for a higher price. It was reported that a company kept their diamonds for about two years before selling it out.


There was also the need for a diamond with consistent features in its creation, which could also still be as reliable and good as the naturally mined diamond while also proving cost-effective. Then came the birth of the lab-created diamonds which were created for the benefit of all and sundry who wanted a piece of the “diamond” cake.


The lab-created diamonds were also recently refined to be able to have much more beautification in shape, color, texture, and carat weight. The lab-created diamonds are also cheaper compared to the naturally refined diamond making it much more affordable with little difference in terms of appearance with the lab-created diamond.


Let’s assume you are a student, an upcoming entrepreneur, or just any kind of person trying to find his feet financially, albeit with lots of potentials to become great someday. You have your girlfriend whom you want to spend the rest of your life with, and you wish to engage her as soon as possible before someone snatches her away.


You also want to get her something with good quality, then you get to the market to get her a beautiful ring, and because it was made with a natural diamond, it is way beyond your budget.


Of course, you wouldn’t and shouldn’t break the bank just to get engaged, you have a great life ahead of you and don’t want to risk prison. Well, that is why the lab-created diamonds were made just to make you satisfied and giving you good value for money while the price is still affordable.


In your case, it may not be a ring, and it might be a necklace; for some, it might be other fashion and diamond-related accessories that are needed for different reasons or to be used for various occasions. Well, if natural diamonds are more expensive, does it not mean that there is something wrong with the lab-created ones for it to be cheaper? Well, do not think that far or wild.


Like earlier said, the lab-created diamonds can hardly be distinguished from the natural ones, and the major difference is in their origin as one is naturally mined, and the other is lab-created. Albeit, to satisfy the curiosity about the worth of lab-created diamond and what other differences it has from the naturally mined ones, there are other articles in this blog post which will clear your doubts.


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